Making wise decisions will be the difference between your success and failure.

When considering your retirement, the breadth of questions can be overwhelming if you don't have the experience and resources for answering them.

Frequently asked questions like:
  • When can I realistically retire?
  • How much savings and income do I need to maintain my lifestyle while not outliving my money?
  • When should I claim Social Security to optimize my lifetime benefits?
  • How will I pay for health-related costs?
  • Can I afford to give anything to my children or to charities?
  • And many more.


I can provide you with those answers to your current questions and further explore your retirement goals and needs to identify questions you may not even be aware of asking. Most importantly, I will provide you with an independent, experienced expert to consider the financial and tax implications of your alternatives.


The process will start with a detailed questionaire to identify your resources, obligations and goals. From there I will assist you with developing your retirement lifestyle budget and expected cash flows. After assessing your tolerance for investment risk, I will provide an asset allocation for your investments that is consistent with your capacity, willingness and need for taking risk with your portfolio. Ultimately, I will provide you with feedback on what is practical for your retirement plan.

You will develop confidence that your retirement can succeed by having a prudent retirement plan. Thereafter, you may wish to engage me for ongoing Wealth Management or you may just wish to check in periodically as your circumstances need updating.

Interested in working together? Please complete the information below, and I will follow up with recommended next steps.