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By Scott Floersheim on Jan 2, 2014 10:00:00 AM

This blog will be used to communicate - both to my existing clients as well as to my prospective clients - concepts that I come across on a daily basis from meetings, technical reading, webinars, seminars, rss feeds and even dinner discussions and that by sharing I hope will be useful to you the reader. As a CPA financial planner, I am fortunate to practice at a unique intersection of investments and taxes that is both challenging and interesting.

Some of my future posts may be very basic but nevertheless valuable to remind everyone of good practices, while others I hope will be quite original. Some posts may be a brief commentary on a link to someone else's article or post, while others will be those that I develop over a period of time. In any circumstance, I hope to post with some diligence and frequency to give you a reason to return again and again.

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